Catering Web Application

Romanian version can be seen here.


  • system is web based with no software to install
  • security features include encryption and password protection
  • group of clients protected by a group password
  • unlimited locations
  • customers can view entire catering menu
  • complete order history is stored online
  • reports, customer preferences, and many more options

Short tutorials (Romanian version, application will be translated in required language):
Menu set (Menu categories, place orders schedule, other options)
User registration (Based on grup password, or user for quick orders)
Place an order (Simply selecting products from categories)
Place an order to other colleagues (Users can be super-users, and place orders for other person.)

If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact me. Translation can be made in any language in a short period of time.

Downloads: 1343
Downloads: 7097

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